TRANSit project will work with a network of Transgender artists, activist. athletes, and academics who are people of color who will support each other in leadership development and community engagement in the City of Minneapolis. Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition seeks to engage transgender people of color who are artists and leaders in Innovative, just and fair engagement that connects them with each other as residents and with government structures to achieve the One Minneapolis goal: Disparities are eliminated so all Minneapolis residents can participate and prosper.

This project will create a network of Transgender artists/activist of color who will support each other in community engagement activities. The City of Minneapolis Transgender Issues Workgroup has identified 5 topic areas of focus to improve the outcomes of Transgender citizens. The topic area identified are Police Relations, Employment, Health, Civic Participation, and Public Places.

People of color make up 17% of Minneapolis Neighborhood Boards and 16% of City Commissions, increasing people of color by one or two members could dramatically impact those percentages. Using the topic areas identified by the Trans Workgroup this project will select boards and commissions to engage with. Using best practices for On Boarding people of color this network will provide support and training needed to be successful, organized around the topics of recruitment, retention, and board culture and dynamics.