Get Involved

The Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition relies on the work volunteers!
We always need new people to bring in fresh energy and ideas.

No matter what amount of time you have, the Health Coalition would love to have you join us in our important work! 

You can volunteer for a few hours per year, a few hours per month, or become a core member or board member and volunteer a few hours per week.

We welcome trans community members, partners, family members, friends and allies to join us.  You don't need any special training or expertise -- you just need to be interested and enthusiastic!

We also welcome health professionals of all types who are especially interested in trans health to join us as volunteers or members of our Provider Directory.  People with training, legal or advocacy experience are always needed as well. 

Please contact us, come visit us, or attend a board meeting to learn more about ways to get involved!   We welcome everyone at our monthly board meetings. For the current schedule and locations, see our Event Calendar.

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