Support Groups

NEW QT BIPOC Connections Time

All Trans Support Group: Wednesdays 6-7:30pm
Trans Masculine Support Group: For inquiry
Youth Support Group: For inquiry

Our groups welcome everyone wanting to find support within the transgender and gender non-conforming community. Group topics will be decided by group members, but we will also have sessions specifically on HIV and Hepatitis C prevention, how to safely inject hormones and do your own shot, teaching your family and friends how to you your shot, info on syringe sizes, needle exchange, safer drug use info, nutrition, exercise, SRS surgery info and surgery care, passing, safe restrooms, safer sex, how to come out, name / gender marker change process, where to find health care and other concerns around being transgender. We hope to create a safe space to talk about the stress, anxiety and other issues that come up as being a member of this community. We also hope to have a lot of fun, play some games, watch some movies and simply enjoy each others' company.

You don't have to be on hormones or transitioning to come and even if you don't think you ever will you can still find support within our group. If you are interested you can just show up or contact us here.

All support groups are currently housed at our longtime friends and community partners Pillsbury House Theatre.