request a Training

Does your clinic need a transgender health training?  How about your front desk staff?  Your health care students?

Our organization offers professional trainings on transgender basics and trans specific health concerns to health care professionals, clinic staff, and students in Minnesota. 

Based on our experience, the recommended minimum length is 2 hours, and we prefer to have 3 hours or more.  If you don't have that much time, please do still contact us and we'll see whether we can do a shorter training for you.

We work with each client to tailor the training to their needs, and negotiate rates on a case-by-case basis.

Recent training institutes have included:

City of Minneapolis ReCast Breaking the Barriers for Trans Employment

City of Minneapolis ReCast Breaking the Barriers for Trans Health
"Transgender Awareness in the Healthcare Setting" 
"Visit to the Doctor: A Transsexual's Perspective"
"Actualizing a Trans-Friendly Marriage and Family Therapy Practice"
"Transgender 101: Increasing an Understanding of Transgender Clients"
and "Women's Health Services and Transgender Spectrum Patients"

To inquire about training, contact us.  We will call you back or reply to your email within two business days.

Honesty & excellent articulation of issues.  Very open to questions, great team/partner presentation style.
— Attendee answering the question 'What did you find most helpful?'