2019 MTHC will work with local practitioners of holistic and integrative health modalities. For a long time MTHC has provided our stakeholders with connections to health that are not always standard western medicine.  We have hosted holistic mixers with practitioners offering short sessions of integrative health modalities so our community can have an opportunity to learn about different forms of health practice and integration.



In early February MTHC will work with one of our long time community partners to provider free and low cost Chiropractic care to MTHC stakeholders and trans community. MTHC is excited to be working again with the person who provided and held space for the 1st home base of the Shot Clinic. Dr. Preston.


Dr. Preston

As a part of the Mpls LGBTQ community for over 25 years, Dr. Rhys Preston has used his chiropractic practice to create health equity for all. Thru his participation with RECLAIM, the recovery community and TYSN, as well as mentoring transgender and gender questioning youth, Dr. Preston has created safe spaces to promote healing.

With experience and extensive training in nutrition, hormones, post surgical care and chiropractic manipulations, Dr. Preston approaches his holistic practice on an individual basis. He believes that each person’s wellness journey is unique, and caring for the community from this perspective creates optimal health.

Dr. Preston has taught anatomy and physiology in local colleges, and uses his extensive knowledge to help each of us understand our own bodies and how to keep them healthy. This integrative and individualized approach is inclusive of all health related issues. 

With integrity as a chiropractic care provider, Dr. Preston believes in the attainment of the highest level of health for all people, and specifically those in underserved communities. Dr. Preston is delighted to be a practitioner at Stockheart Whole Health!

“I believe that love appears in whatever form it chooses.”  Ali Sands